Unit Investment Trust Fund

AB Capital Balanced Fund

intends to achieve for its participants long- term capital growth and income by investing in a diversified portfolio of high-grade marketable securities allocated in fixed income and equity securities. It is ideal for investors who are aware of the opportunity for high yields that portfolios with stock market investments may provide but are also knowledgeable of the possibility of capital losses that such investments may entail.

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NAVPU VALUES Oct 22, 2021
Navpu YTD Benchmark
AB Capital Short Term Fund 1.14044 0.86% 0.53%
AB Capital Balanced Fund 1.092638 2.63% 1.64%
AB Capital Equity Fund 2.9488 1.23% 2.10%
Min. Initial Investment PHP 25,000
Maintaining Balance PHP 25,000
Min. Additional Investment PHP 10,000
Equity Exposure Limit Up to 50.00%
Benchmark 60% 1-Yr T-Bill + 40%PSEi
Management Fee (p.a.) 1.25%
Early Redemption Fee 1.00%
Min. Holding Period 30 Days
Redemption Settlement T + 3 Days


* Not insured by the PDIC
* No guarantee of yield, return or income
* Any income or loss derived from this fund is for the account and risk of the investors
* AB Capital shall not be liable for any losses, except those resulting for its gross negligence