Unit Investment Trust Fund

AB Capital Short Term Fund

A fund that invests in short-term instruments, giving the investor the benefit of liquidity while earning a return.

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NAVPU VALUES Jan 18, 2022
Navpu YTD Benchmark
AB Capital Short Term Fund 1.141792 0.07% 0.03%
AB Capital Balanced Fund 1.099235 1.74% 1.27%
AB Capital Equity Fund 2.969795 2.62% 3.11%
Min. Initial Investment PHP 50,000
Maintaining Balance PHP 50,000
Min. Additional Investment PHP 25,000
Equity Exposure Limit 0.00%
Benchmark 3mo. Govt. Security
Management Fee (p.a.) 0.375%
Early Redemption Fee n/a
Min. Holding Period n/a
Redemption Settlement T + 1 Day
Transaction Hours Daily up to 12:00 NN


* Not insured by the PDIC
* No guarantee of yield, return or income
* Any income or loss derived from this fund is for the account and risk of the investors
* AB Capital shall not be liable for any losses, except those resulting for its gross negligence